How much will a scholarship cost?
The costs of the scholarships will vary depending on whether the applicants are entitled to pay home or international fees. The costs also vary by courses.

The University estimates the living costs of a twelve-month graduate course as £13,440. Graduate tuition fees range from course to course, but the majority of courses cost from £7587 to £13,500 for an applicant paying home fees, and £18,522 to £30,933 for an applicant paying international fees.

Who will receive the scholarship(s)?

To be eligible for the scholarship, the student first has to receive an offer of acceptance (graduate or undergraduate) from the University. The campaign does not have any influence on the admissions decisions.

Applicants must demonstrate that:

A: they are lawfully resident in the United Kingdom following [within a 5 year period prior to the application]:

  • Has made a claim for asylum which has not been determined; or,
  • Recognition as a refugee by the United Kingdom; or,
  • A grant of humanitarian protection by the United Kingdom; or,
  • A grant of Discretionary Leave to Remain.


B:  they have been granted international protection by the state in which they reside lawfully.  “International protection” in this context means recognition as a refugee or a grant of complementary protection.


C: Residing in their country of origin or a third country, where their pursuit of education is hindered because of political and/or humanitarian crisis, and have a valid travel document that will allow them to apply for a UK Tier 4 Student Visa.

It is at the Selection Board Committee’s discretion to consider other exceptional cases on a case-by- case basis. The scholarships will be allocated each year by a dedicated Selection Board Committee composed of academics and university staff. The selection process will be guided by a number of criteria including – but not limited to – the severity of the barriers to pursuing higher education in the country of origin, financial need and the quality of the personal statements. Further details on the Selection Board Committee will be published in due course.