Applying to Cambridge

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Applying for your Course

  1. Choose any course
    1. Undergraduate course directory 
    2. Graduate course directory
  2. Choose a college
    1. College listing
    2. Friendly prospectus provided by the Student Union!
    3. Note: you can submit an ‘open application’ if you have no college preference, and you will be allocated to a college. Submitting an open application has no effect on your prospects of admission.
  3. Submit a UCAS application 
  4. Submit your Cambridge Online Preliminary Application (COPA)
  5. Fill in Supplementary Application Questionnaire (SAQ)
  6. Submit your High School/ University transcript 


Deadlines relevant to undergraduate applications only for 2020 entry
(all 18:00 UK time)
UCAS application Tuesday 15 October 2019
COPA Saturday 19 October 2019
SAQ Tuesday 22 October 2019
Transcript Tuesday 22 October 2019


Have you submitted everything? Click here for an application checklist for undergraduate applications.

Steps for Applying to the Rowan Williams Cambridge Studentship

Graduate students

    1. Apply by the Graduate Funding deadline for their chosen course of study
    2. Tick the box to apply for funding, and fill in the Cambridge Trust section of the online form stating how they meet the eligibility criteria as part of their application for admission through the University’s Applicant Portal.
  • Undergraduate students
    1. Submit a UCAS application by the deadline
    2. If offered conditional admission by a Cambridge College, complete an Application for Scholarships for Undergraduate Studies offered by the Cambridge Trust (sent by the College at time of conditional offer) including a Personal Statement of how they meet the eligibility criteria. 
      1. Note: the Trust will work with the Colleges to identify potential candidates.

Alternative sources of funding

To students who are unable to secure funding through the Rowan Williams Cambridge Studentship, here are some other options for funding a degree course at Cambridge University:

  1. The Cambridge Commonwealth, European and International Trust
    The Cambridge Trust is a charity established by the University to provide funding for international students at Cambridge. Every year, it awards approximately 500 scholarships. Their search tool allows you narrow down the scholarships by country, degree level, subject and college. Students are encouraged to use the search function to find all awards they are eligible for.
  2. Your colleges admissions office
    Undergraduate applications are processed at the college-level. Every college has its own scholarship and grants policies. Contact your college admissions for further information. 
  3. Postgraduate Your Faculty:
    Masters applications are processed by your faculty. Your faculty might have faculty-specific scholarships and grants, or, might be able to direct you to alternative sources of funding that are specific to your course. 
  4. Public fundraising through a crowdfunding page:
    If you are comfortable with fundraising on a public platform, you can share your story and fundraise through GoFundMe (or any equivalent crowdfunding page). Please note that some crowdfunding pages only support a limited numbers of countries, and will take a small percentage of donations to process payment. After you create the page, send us the link to it and we will share it on our Facebook page and with potential donors. We suggest sharing your page with:

    1. Alumni/organizations/NGOs
    2. The student press in Cambridge (eg. Varsity, The Cambridge Tab)
    3. Your college’s Junior Commons Room (JCR; undergraduate student council in your college) or Middle Commons Room (MCR; the postgraduate student council in your college)
    4. Facebook 

Other useful links:

Visa inquiries

If you have any inquiries about your visa status, please consult the following websites as well as contact your college’s admissions office:

The University’s International Student Office’s Visa Advice Service :

Other Useful Links