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The Rowan Williams Cambridge Studentship is a full-cost scholarship for undergraduate or graduate applicants to the University of Cambridge who face severe barriers in accessing higher education. For more information, visit the Trust website and our studentship guide.

The Cambridge Refugee Scholarship Campaign (CRSC) was initiated by students in October 2017 in response to the devastating impact that the ongoing refugee crisis has had on the education of refugee students. CRSC is grateful for the opportunity it has had to play a part in the setting up of the Rowan Williams Cambridge Studentships, and is heartened by the University’s commitment to their establishment. Please see Campaign Progress for more details on how CRSC campaigned for the establishment of the Studentships. The campaign remains committed to supporting potential applicants to Cambridge whose education has been interrupted by political and/or humanitarian reasons. 

Watch this video of Humaira, a 2019-2020 Cambridge Scholar

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To all refugees, asylum seekers, and/or anyone whose education has been negatively affected by armed conflict,

If you are reading this, you have already demonstrated your determination to continue your education despite the situation you are in. It is such a great injustice that your right to education in your own country has been taken away from you but we want you to know that the political situation in your country does not have to define you and your education. You ARE intelligent, capable and strong enough to pursue your dreams and explore the academic subjects that bring you joy, whether it be by attending lectures, teaching yourself with online courses, googling, reading books, talking to people, etc. You, like everyone else, have a right to education.

If you are having any doubts about yourself, we want to let you know that CRSC believes in you and strongly encourages you to apply to Cambridge, or, to any other university. As eligibility for scholarships are usually dependent on acceptance into your course, you must first apply (this includes the Rowan Williams Cambridge Studentship)! Please make sure you meet the relevant deadlines (e.g. the deadline for undergraduate applications to Cambridge is 15 October 2019, 6.00pm (UK time)). Do not hesitate to email us if you have questions or need guidance with the application procedure.

With lots of love,

CRSC Committee

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